Your education institute should be a safe place for female children.

It is great that you have arranged everything best in your educational institution like best lab with sophisticated equipment, best library with books written by famous scholars and scientists, best play ground with all sorts of game accessories and tool kits, but what if the children studying in your educational institution are given more liberty in abusing women staff teaching students or female children studying there. This one single reason would suffice for all female children to opt a different educational institution. Hence it is your responsibility to ensure an environment which is safe and secure for female children.

How about availing services from who would test each student whom you think is misbehaving with female children and women staff. Though you don’t have any evidence for their wicked thoughts you could always test their intentions with lie tests that are conducted by experts from this company. You could avail these services every month or else once in every quarter so as to make sure that your students are in right thought process. Of course, apart from conducting such tests you should also organize some education programs that would educate male students about importance of respecting women.
If you do not want any mistake to be done by your students, then you should also let parents know their role in training their kids to respect women. You could also give reference of lie detecting experts so that they could avail these services so as to know if their children are saying truths to them or else are lying with them on various aspects in which you assume them to be doing perfectly good like attending classes and preparing well for their exams. After education is right of every female child and hence it is your duty to let them enjoy learning.